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The Politics Behind the Lambda Variant

How a new form of COVID-19 is taking the world and its politics by storm.


  • 08/2020 - ongoing


  • First reported in Peru, and has now spread throughout South America, and through North America.


Over the past year, the world has dealt with several variations stemming from the COVID-19 virus. Recently, a new variant known as the Lambda Variant has been under attention due to its noticeably rapid spread. The earliest signs of this mutant were first discovered in Peru in August 2020. Since June of 2021, the Lambda Variant has been labeled as a “variant of interest” by the World Health Organization (WHO). In fact, as of July 2021, scientists fear the Lambda Variant may be the most dangerous of all. Of course, as fears rise and considering the fact that the nation’s health is in question, the issue becomes political rather quickly.


Representatives from many parts of the political spectrum each seem to have different ideas. First and foremost, a solution to prevent the spread of this virus is taking the vaccine whether it be from Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, or perhaps any one of the Chinese vaccines, as that is what Brazil, Chile and Peru are heavily relying on. However, many left-wing news sources in the United States are reporting that the effectiveness of the current vaccine against the Lambda Variant is uncertain. There is speculation that a third dose is being carried out as well.

However, the vaccine, in general, has been quite controversial since the beginning of its release. Many right-wing activists and politicians have spoken up against it. Further, requiring the vaccine for attending educational institutions, international travel, or even visiting local restaurants has received positive commentary as well as backlash. Therefore, attempting to find one viable solution that ensures a nation’s public has proven to be difficult.

When it comes to addressing the Lambda Variant, news sources - specifically left-wing sources such as CNN and CNBC - have provided thorough general background and an overall scientific approach for the solution by expressing the necessity of taking the coronavirus vaccine. One of the biggest right-wing news sources, Fox News, has not yet written about the Lambda Variant, though they have provided a detailed background for many other mutations such as the Delta, Beta, Alpha, Gamma, and Epsilon.

Thus, the Lambda Variant has left doctors, politicians, and the general public in a perplexed state due to its quick spreading and complex nature. Hopefully with time and further research, a suitable and safe resolution can be reached.







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